Our Story



I’m Cathy Sutherland, co-owner of All-CraftUSA and the Maker behind most of our content. I was MADE to create…first using my imagination as a little girl making things for my Barbies, to creating scrapbook pages as a teenager, and then crafting decor for my apartment (because as a crafter, I knew I could make something more “me” than what I saw at the store), and now making things for my Etsy page!

When my daughter was born in 2016, I took a break from working outside the house to be home with her, and with motherhood came a new kind of inspiration. As I watched my daughter pick up her first crayon and felt that same magnetic pull to my craft room, I knew I could never go back to a corporate work setting and be happy. I needed to create to feel fulfilled.

So as I turned my hobby into a business, I became obsessed with using the best material that I could proudly sell to my customers. I was using and experimenting with all the standard glues from the hobby stores and quickly realized they were not made specifically for makers. I needed a multi-purpose glue that I could confidently use on paper, glitter, wood and acrylic, without wrinkling or leaving a messy residue…but also something that would have a long lasting hold. So after many hours and days of research, formulation and reformulation, All-Craft Multi Glue was created.

The result is a glue that was created specifically with us makers in mind. A glue that gives enough time to position the material and then grabs it tight to give you the hold that lasts! It dries clear, won’t crack or wrinkle, and even glues on top of glitter paper (I’m serious!). 

It’s almost completely odorless-which makes me happy when working in my craft room, especially around my daughter. I now use a glue I can craft confidently with! I hope you feel the same and All-Craft Multi Glue will help you

Love what you Create!