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I love it! I find it to be far superior to the well-known, brand name superglues on the market. All-Craft Multi Glue doesn't cause my acrylic to fog, haze, or crack like the other brands. It dried clear, even on clear and mirrored acrylic. I love that it held everything together in just a few seconds. I was able to assemble my acrylic projects quickly and easily. I believe All-Craft Multi Glue is a great choice for anyone in the laser community.
It is by far one of the best glues I have ever used. Honestly! This is so good! Goes on smoothly and it's not drippy so no worries about strands of glue coming with you or on the sides of your product!
To glue the little embellishments I gave this allcraftusa glue a try and it worked perfectly. It glued super fast compared to what I was using before and it adhered pretty well!
I love that you can use it in multiple mediums. The applicator is precise and the glue is the exact consistency for those little details and small spots. It's not runny like other glues, and the best part, it dries fast.
All-Craft Multi Glue is really becoming a new fave as I put together all these sports themed bag tags and ornaments. It has been holding strong to all my acrylic glue-ups I've been doing lately.
Creating with allcraftusa and my vinyl bows are not falling apart!
I found the one!!
Your glue works wonderful as adhering anything to glitter paper materials has always been a hard one for most crafters & I was honestly dying to try your glue on it first. I'm just sorry it took me so long to use the sweet supply you sent me.
I've used it on a couple acrylic projects now! I like it a lot! It's strong! I've been using it more and more. A little goes a long way.
You guys! I tried this glue today for my acrylic and all kinds of materials projects and I gotta say, I'm surprised by the quality, consistency, and dry speed specially when gluing acrylic! If you're a crafter and been looking for a really good glue for your work, give this a try. I give it 5 stars!
As promised, I found us the glue that would stick to both metal and silicone! I'm soooo excited!. This attaches my erasers to the eye screw! Sooo easy to make a charm using erasers. I'm so happy!!! It's so secure! Dried in 30 seconds! I tried to pull the eye screw with pliers and it was SECURED! I'm so excited because it took no time at all to set!!! I've been looking for a glue to make eraser charms! Finally!