Better Than Your Average Super Glue: All-Craft Multi Glue

As a fellow crafter, I know having the right glue can make all the difference in your project's success. Super glue, (also known as Cyanoacrylate glue or CA glue for short), is a popular option due to its strong bonding properties. But not all super glues are created equal. Our All-Craft Multi Glue was custom formulated to be the better choice for your crafting needs. How is it different, you ask?

Clear Drying: We love acrylic and needed a glue that loves acrylic back! Standard super glues leave a white haze when they dry. Not All-Craft Multi Glue! It dries clear, even on colored acrylics. And that means your project isn’t damaged by an annoying residue.

Precise Bond: The formulation for All-Craft Multi Glue was tested and retested to find the ideal drying time. We wanted a formulation that would give the time to position elements precisely where you want them, and then hold quickly so they stay in place. Our formulation does just that! 

Odorless: Who works on their crafts in the open outdoors every time? Not us! And that’s why we created an odorless glue that can be used safely in enclosed spaces without, worrying about strong fumes.

The special formulation of All-Craft Multi Glue is worth the extra cost compared to the super glues you’ll find on convenience store shelves. With our glue you’ll gain peace of mind from knowing your project is in good hands. So, next time you're looking for a super glue for your project, try All-Craft Multi Glue and experience the glue that will help you…Love What You Create!

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